The symposium organising committee is pleased to offer organisations an opportunity to provide sponsorship of the symposium. This is an opportunity for your organisation to demonstrate support for this event, to increase customer contact, and pursue business opportunities.

For professional organisations of scientists, researchers and nutritionists; about feed additives, veterinary products and feed; and of pig producers, this is an opportunity to showcase your society or organisation to like-minded and interested colleagues who may well be stimulated to join the symposium.

Download the DPP2018 Sponsorship Opportunities document here:

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Symposium

The theme of the symposium is focused on the advances in Digestive Physiology in pigs.

The symposium will give you the opportunity to network with a diverse audience of professionals in academia and in industry with interests in digestive physiology, nutrition, feed formulation, feed additives and pig production.

Who will attend?

Academic and industry researchers, university lecturers, nutritionists, gastroenterologists and managers involved in technical sales, pig production and feed formulation from around the world will attend the 2018 symposium, which is being held in Australia for the first time.

What topics will be covered?

A wide variety of plenary speakers have been selected and are currently being contacted. Topics include the following (please note topics are still subject to change):

Session 1: GIT nutrient sensing and the enteroendocrine system
Session 2: Gut health and intestinal immunity (challenges to gut health)
Session 3: Rate and extent of ingredient digestion in the small intestine
Session 4: Metabolic diseases and brain activity/cognition (the value of pig as a model)
Session 5: Microbiome development and barrier function

What else will be happening at DPP2018?

In addition to the technical program, there will be social functions that will encourage and foster networking opportunities.

To attract international delegates, the symposium will be held in the centre of Australia’s premier tourist region and close to some of the world’s greatest natural attractions. We are encouraging delegates to combine the symposium with a holiday to explore the charm of the Australian country towns, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast. All of this is within easy reach of Brisbane.

Sponsorship Contact

The Sponsorship Committee is currently finalising a sponsorship program with a prospectus to be available soon. The program is aimed at maximizing the value for our sponsors. We hope to count on your support.

We encourage you to contact the Sponsorship Coordinator to discuss the best sponsorship package to meet your budget and needs. If you have specific requirements or desired outcomes linked to your sponsorship, we would be happy to tailor a package to suit your organisation.

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We look forward to counting on your generous support and seeing you at the DPP2018.