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Dear DPP2012 Potential Sponsor:

Digestive Physiology of Pigs is coming to the USA in 2012!

DPP 2012 will be held May 30th -June 1st, 2012 with an industry sponsored presymposium the afternoon of May 29th in beautiful Keystone Colorado. Keystone, which is easily reached via the Denver International Airport, is a breathtaking mountain resort that plays host to a myriad of activities for the outdoor enthusiast.

In 1979, the first International Symposium on Digestive Physiology of Pigs was held in Shinfield, Reading (UK). Subsequently there have been symposia triennially in France, Denmark, Poland, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden, Canada, Denmark and Spain. Digestive Physiology of Pigs draws participants and scientific papers from around the world and interest in this conference has significantly grown over the years. Digestive Physiology of Pigs which covers digestive tract function and directly involves the fields of pig nutrition and health is now considered one of the most important swine meetings on a global level. This year's scientific program will focus on the digestive tract of the pig, emphasizing physiology, immunology and microbiology. Additionally, this symposium will review the latest advances in the field of digestive physiology of pigs, providing the basis for future research.

The DPP2012 committee encourages you to consider being a sponsor for this important meeting. Please review the Sponsorship Opportunity Chart for various ways to get involved. Besides sponsoring, the DPP2012 committee also suggests you consider submitting an abstract to present in Denver. If you have any questions regarding sponsoring DPP2012, please contact Drs. Brian Kerr or Chad Risley. For more information related to abstract submission, please contact Drs. Merlin Lindemann or John Patience.

DPP 2012 Committee

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DPP 2012 Committee Members:

Merlin D. Lindemann, University of Kentucky (co-chair)
merlin.lindemann@uky.edu 859.257.7524

John F. Patience, Iowa State University (co-chair)
jfp@iastate.edu 515.294.5132

Chad Risley, Lucta USA Inc.
chad.risley@lucta.net 847.996.3405

Brian Kerr, USDA
Brian.Kerr@ARS.USDA.GOV 515.294.0224

Layi Adeola, Purdue University
ladeola@purdue.edu 765.494.4848

Diego BraƱa, National Research Institute for Forestry, Agriculture & Livestock, Mexico

Doug Burrin, USDA
doug.burrin@ars.usda.gov dburrin@bcm.tmc.edu 713.798.7049

Nick Gabler, Iowa State University
ngabler@iastate.edu 515.294.7370

Kees de Lange, University of Guelph
cdelange@uoguelph.ca 519.824.4120 ext. 56477

Gerardo Mariscal-Landin, Mexico

Rob Payne, Evonik
rob.payne@evonik.com 678.797.4323

Hans Stein, University of Illinois
hstein@uiuc.edu 217.333.0013

Andrew Van Kessel, University of Saskatchewan
Andrew.vankessel@usask.ca 306.966.0136

Ruurd Zijlstra, University of Alberta
Ruurd.zijlstra@ualberta.ca 780.492.8593

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