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From discovery to development

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are happy to invite you to join us in Lake Geneva, WI , USA on May 20th through May 23rd, 2025 for the 16th International Symposium on Digestive Physiology of Pigs. This event has grown to become the premiere event where discussions focus specifically on various aspects of digestive physiology. We expect to attract more than 600 attendees from Europe, Asia and North and South America.

The first Symposium was held in Shinfield, Reading (UK) in 1979. Subsequently there have been symposia held triennially in France, Denmark, Poland, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden, Canada, Denmark, Spain, United States of America, Poland, Australia, and The Netherlands. This is the second time it will be held in the U.S., and the committee is committed to ensuring the Symposium lives up to the very high standard established by our predecessors.

Our Vision: To serve as the platform for creative dialog and transnational collaboration for promoting innovation in the science of the digestive physiology of the pig.

Our Mission: Maintain a premier international digestive physiology networking opportunity for global subject matter experts, allied industry members, and stakeholders to facilitate innovation, productivity, and sustainability within the pork industry.

The cutting edge scientific program will focus on the digestive tract of the pig, emphasizing physiology, immunology and microbiology. Additionally, this Symposium will review the latest advances in the field of digestive physiology of pigs, providing the basis for future research.

The overall theme ('From discovery to development'), vision, and mission for DPP2025 will be addressed in the following thematic areas:

  • Functionality of the intestinal microbiome and host response.
  • Advances in understanding of nutrient digestion and absorption.
  • Development of the digestive and absorptive capacity in the neonate and impact of weaning on intestinal function.
  • Mucosal immunity and pathogenesis and the role of the digestive tract in the maintenance of health.
  • Functional ingredients and utilization of feed resources for improved digestive function and nutrient efficiency.

We look forward to seeing you at DPP2025!

Thomas Burkey (University of Nebraska, Co-Chair)
Ruurd Zijlstra (University of Alberta, Co-Chair)
Andrew van Kessel (University of Saskatchewan, Co-Chair)